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  • 2023-Aug-13

About Us

About us Radio ML

ML radio or media libre (free media) is a community radio that allows people with disabilities to express their selves freely. This unique thematic station of its kind in africa and the arab world has officially obtained broadcast license on december 11, 2014.


Hope Radio

That's what Radio ML 102.3 FM offers its thousands of listener, especially those who are physically disabled economically disadvantaged or victims of discrimination. Saying ML sounds like the Arabic world "amel' meaning hope and the abbreviation ML is short for "Media Libre" or free media in French. The radio station's volunteers give voice to the voiceless and are not afraid to hold the powerful to account. They do their best to provide hope to people with disabilities, women, impoverished families and unemployed and uneducated youth.

They fight to hold into Tunisia's fledgling democracy, currently under significant threat. To do this, Radio ML depends on a staff of dedicated volunteers, primarily young women. They seek truth and report it. They courageously advocate for change. They expose corruption and demand justice. They listen and let listeners speak. They educate and even entertain. They provide Hope.

By Sheree Josephson