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  • 2023-Aug-13

Tunisia,Germany: discussing illegal migration & other fields of cooperation


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad stated that the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, Mounir Ben Rjiba, received today morning, at the headquarters of the Ministry, the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Katja Keul, on the occasion of her visit to Tunisia from 08 to 11 August 2023.

This meeting represented an occasion to discuss many issues mainly migration and the challenges it poses in the Mediterranean and elsewhere, the Tunisian-German economic and financial cooperation and the prospects of their development, and the Tunisian-German cooperation within the framework of the European Union.

The Tunisian Secretary of State also recalled the development of the political process in Tunisia and its foundations, aiming at setting up a real and viable democracy for the benefit of citizens.

From her side, the German official recalled the historical ties between Tunisia and Germany, reasserting the willingness of her country to cooperate with Tunisia in order to overcome the current economic and social challenges. She invoked the issue of migration, underlining the importance of a concerted management to better confront the massive flows.





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